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I work regularly with composers in the creating of new repertoire for the bassoon. Below is a listing of the new solo music I have commissioned and/or premiered.  Click underlined works to access a linked recording.

  • Judah Adashi: The Dark Hours for bassoon and piano

  • Gordon Beeferman: Occupy Bassoon for solo bassoon (2015)

  • Elliott Carter: Retracing for solo bassoon (2002)

  • Tania León: Pinceladas for bassoon and piano (2016)

  • Katherine Hoover: Journey for bassoon and piano (2009)

  • Harold Meltzer: Full Faith and Credit for two bassoons and strings (2004)

  • Reinaldo Moya: new work for bassoon and piano (forthcoming)

  • Russell Platt: Concerto for Bassoon and Strings (revised version)

  • Russell Platt: Three Songs for solo bassoon (2010)

  • John FItz Rogers: Seven Desert Elegies (2008)

  • James Romig: Sonnet 6 for solo bassoon (2003)

  • Joan Tower: Red Maple for bassoon and string orchestra or string quartet (2014)

  • Mark-Anthony Turnage: Massarosa for bassoon and string quartet

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